Sons of Barents

// Sons of Barents

David Kremer // France // 2014
// 75 et 52 min // Couleur // HD

Barents Sea, beyond the Arctic Circle. During endless summer days, a ship relentlessly crisscrosses the shoals. Caught up in an industrial pace, and exposed to the dangers of deep-sea fishing, about thirty men work flat out for a few tons of fish. Fishing season after fishing season, what brings these men back to this risky life? How do they keep up, together? 

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Quentin Ravelli // France // En production
// 90 min // Couleur // HD

In Spanish,  ladrillo  means bricks. It used to mean boom, construction, production, speculation. Today,  ladrillo means crisis: disused clay pits, factories that are closed half of the year, ghost-towns, subprime mortgagers facing eviction.  Bricks  shows how the life of a simple commodity can be the mirror of a global crisis, and tells the story of people who come up with individual...

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Ma mort ne m'appartient pas

// Ma mort ne m'appartient pas

Charles O'Gust Kutu // France // 2014
// 52 min // Couleur // HD

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The Other Side of Everything

// The Other Side of Everything

Mila Turajlic // France // En développement
// 75 min // Couleur // HD

Ten years following Serbia’s democratic revolution, a look through the keyhole of a locked door in an apartment in Belgrade combines a family memoir with the portrait of a country in turmoil, to reveal a disillusioned revolutionary and her struggle with the ghosts haunting Serbia’s past and present.

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// Kelly

Stéphanie Régnier // France // 2013
// 65 min // Couleur // HD

In competition at Cinéma du Réel from march 21 to 31 At a glance, Europe seems a vague entity. It remains unobtainable for Kelly, who looks upon it with rage. On camera, she replays her destiny: her sensible life in Peru, her clandestine life in French Guiana, her family, her love, her coping... Kelly is suspended between three continents, three languages, and three worlds. Her...

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Le Songe d'un habitant de Djelfa

// Le Songe d'un habitant de Djelfa

David Yon // France // En production
// Couleur // HD

The first film by David Yon, Les Oiseaux d'Arabie , was based on the correspondence between the philosopher Simone Weil and the Spanish anarchist Antonio Atarès, interned at Djelfa in Algeria during the 1940s. The words of the correspondents, spoken by Lou Castel, were embodied in the spaces of today's Algerian city. What had been erased gradually becomes visible. Le Songe d’un habitant...

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Latin Street Revolucion

// Latin Street Revolucion

Cécile Quiroz et Romain Dutter // France // 2013
// Blog et 52 min // HD Couleur // 1,85:1

To promote cultural identity - this is what Charquipunk, Grover, Cynthia, and the others seek to do, using tools from urban circles: graffiti, street art, hip hop dance, rap. In the company of these artists who make of their roots a source of strength, we are plunged into the heart of the barrios' of Latin America. « Latin Street Revolucion » will be an opportunity to become immersed in the...

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The adventure is a secret

// The adventure is a secret

Pierre Linguanotto // France // 2013
// 55 & 67 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

A demonstration, a banner. A silhouette seen from behind crosses a white line and directs the movements of the demonstrators. Fodé turns, shows his face and looks at us smiling: choosing when to hide and when to be seen can be decisive in the course of a life. Mamadou, Fodé and Magasa evoke with calm and lucidity their passage from the clandestine life to the affirmation of their dignity...

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Destination Johannesburg

// Destination Johannesburg

Laure Poinsot // France // 2010
// Couleur // 1,85:1

Sprawling, diverse, Johannesburg is not a city that can easily be tamed, with its endless distances, its social and economic clashes, its reputation for crime. Formerly the ultimate city of colonialism and of apartheid, Johannesburg is now a city of unprecedented social, economic, and urban issues that the Rainbow Nation must face. Fifteen years after the fall of apartheid, the ancient...

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Our new film Neighbouring Sounds will be screened on February 3rd at Cinéma du Garde Chasse, Lilas and at Cinéma La Clef on February 11 with Autres Brésils and at Etoile Lilas on February 18.

Our film Kelly has won the Youth Prize at Cinema du Reel !

Kelly de Stéphanie Régnier est en compétition à Entrevue(s), festival de Belfort. Découvrez la belle sélection du festival ici.


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