Sayonara by Koji Fukada now released in cinema. Scrennings and reviews here.


Welcome to Madagascar, the film of Franssou Prenant is released on March 15 at the Reflet Médicis. On this occasion, we also propose a director's retrospective in four films.


We are very proud of Stéphanie Régnier who receive the SCAM Discovery award 2015 for her movie Kelly, we coproduced with the Films de la Caravane.


Suspended by the night, d'Eva Tourrent, in a world premiere and Sons of Barents de David Kremer, in the 'Fresh Eye' section, are selected at Visions of reality festival in Nyon from 17 to 25 april.


6 movies of Gilles Groulx - a cult figure of canadian cinema, Pierre Perrault and Michel Brault travelling companion - finally on DVD !


We are very proud to announce the new release of Au revoir l'été, a luminous and melancholic movie by Kôji Fukada, Gold Montgolfier at Nantes 3 continents.
Rendez-vous in theathers the 17th of december !


February the 20th, at 20h45, in French Cinematheque  (51 Bercy street) a preview of Bruits de Recifea retrospective of Kleber Mendonça Filho shorts films will be made during Pocket Cinema evening. Programs and informations here


Kleber Mendonça Filho's Neighbouring Sounds (Les Bruits de Recife) will be in cinemas in France from 26 February.


Kelly will be screened - International Competition - at Entrevue(s) Belfort from November 8 to December 8. More details here.


Mundane History will be screened at the Cinema La Clef on february 26. The film will be presented by Arnaud Hée (Critikat.com).


Survivance is proud to distribute Mundane History (Tiger Award at Rotterdam) by Anocha Suwichakorpong in theaters.


Survivance is about to release Summer of Giacomo (Golden Leopard at Locarno, Grand Prize at Jeonju...) on DVD. The DVD will feature, english subtitles, a short film by Alessandro Comodin, extra scenes and a booklet.


A key film of the direct cinema approach, Black Harvest (Grand Prix at the Cinéma du Réel, 1992) by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly will be available on DVD from Survivance from March. It is a film that still and always speaks to us of our times, of the mutation of traditional societies in the face of capitalism.



Non-Alignés : scènes des archives Labudović au cinéma le 27 septembre ! 

Les séances-rencontres prévues : 

27 Septembre - Reflet Médicis (Paris 5) - 20h30, Non Alignés : scènes des archives Labudović, en présence de Mila Turajlić

28 Septembre - Le Luminor Hôtel de Ville (Paris 4) - 20h30, suivie d'une discussion animée par Laurent Geslin (Le Courrier des Balkans)

8 octobre - Reflet Médicis - 13h40, Ciné-Guérillas : scènes des archives Labudović*, Séance exceptionnelle en présence d'Elaine Mokhtefi, militante anti-raciste et anticoloniale, ancienne du FLN, autrice d'Alger, capitale de la révolution. De Fanon aux Black Panthers

10 octobre - Reflet Médicis - 20h30, Non Alignés : scènes des archives Labudović, en présence de Mila Turajlić et Antoine de Baecque, critique et historien 

*Non Alignés & Ciné-Guérillas forment un diptyque filmique