I Will Never Heal

// I Will Never Heal

David Yon // France // 2023
// 67 min // Couleur // 4:3

For a few years now, major renovation work has been changing the face of Marseille. In the district of Arenc, towers are built in front of Ouahib's windows and block his view. He wanders around the city, camera in hand, to keep a trace of what will disappear. Pierre and Rosalie meet his path.



FID, Marseille, 2023 - World Premiere


Direction: David Yon
Photography: David Yon, Ouahib Mortada
Sound recording and design: Bertrand Larrieu
Editing: Jérémy Gravayat, Charlotte Tourrès, David Yon
Production: Carine Chichkowsky
Artistic accompaniment: Lo Thivolle
Mixing: Mathieu Deniau 
Color grading: Julien Pétri 
Additional sound recording: Alexandre Rameaux
Location assistant: Nina Khada
Editing assistants: Zoé Filloux, Jule Foraz
Post-production coordination: Elsa Cohen
Production assistants: Matelda Ferrini, Arthur Blandin

Original music:
Lionel Martin, saxophone
Damien Cluzel, guitar

Ouahib Mortada
Pierre Audouard
Rosalie Dubois
Anahita Yon

Ouahib Mortada
Pierre Audouard

Classical singing:
Rosalie Dubois
Ariettes oubliées
Claude Debussy
Paul Verlaine

In coproduction with Maritima TV.
With the participation of CNC, Région Sud, Procirep and Angoa.
With post-production support from Film flamme, Polygone étoilé and the Belfort International Film Festival Entrevues, [Films in progress].



David Yon was born in 1979 in Provins (France). He lives in Marseille. In 2005, he obtained a master degree in documentary film making. In 2007 he founded "Dérives", a movie review & dvd, and website. He has been an associate professor at the University of Grenoble Alpes and is currently a contractual doctoral student at the University of Aix-Marseille.

Filmography :
The Night and the Kid, 2015, 59'
Birds of Arabia, 2009, 40'



  • 15 mai de 17h à 21h

Vernissage de l’exposition Ces voix qui m'assiègent...- Cité Internationale des arts


  • 16 mai à 19h

Live documentary performance de Mila Turajlic consacré à son travail sur les archives -  Cycle La recherche et ses récits, Le Bal


  • 18-21 mai

Projections et rencontres avec Mila Turajlic de Non Alignés et Ciné-Guerrillas, Festival Etonnants Voyageurs, St Malo


  • 22 mai à 18h

Rencontre et dialogue entre Mila Turajlic et Elaine Mohktefi (militante anti-raciste et anticoloniale, ancienne du FLN), MEP


  • 23 mai à 19h

Projection du film Non Alignés (présenté par Carine Chichkowsky, productrice), Parti Communiste Français, Paris