Non-Aligned & Cine-guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudovic Reels

// Non-Aligned & Cine-guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudovic Reels

Mila Turajlić // // 2022
// Couleur & Noir et blanc // 16:9

Non-Aligned & Ciné-Guerrillas is a documentary diptych of two feature-length films that take us on an archival road trip through the birth of the Third World project, based on unseen 35mm materials filmed by Stevan Labudović, the cameraman of Yugoslav President Tito.

Non-Aligned re-traces the birth of the Non-Aligned movement, examining how a global project of political emancipation was constituted by the cinematic image.

Ciné-Guerrillas plunges us into the media battle that played out during the Algerian war for independence where cinema was mobilized as a weapon of political struggle against colonialism.


Length : 100 minutes
Countries : Serbie, France, Qatar, Croatie, Monténégro
Filmmaking, screenplay, photography : Mila Turajlić
Editing : Sylvie Gadmer, Mila Turajlić, Céline Ducreux
Sound : Aleksandar Protić
Music : Jonathan Morali
Production : Carine Chichkowsky, Mila Turajlić
a coproducton with Poppy Pictures (Serbia), Restart (Croatia), Kino (Montenegro) and Doha Film Institute (Qatar)


Length : 94 minutes
Countries : Serbie, France
Filmmaking, screenplay, photograph : Mila Turajlić
Editing : Sylvie Gadmer, Anne Renardet, Mila Turajlić
Sound : Aleksandar Protić
Music : Troy Herion
Production : Carine Chichkowsky, Mila Turajlić
a coproducton with Poppy Pictures (Serbia)


Biography of the director 

Mila Turajlić is an award-winning director born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Her films have screened at numerous festivals and been released theatrically in Europe and North America. Her film THE OTHER SIDE OF EVERYTHING (2017), HBO Europe’s first co-production with Serbia, won 32 awards including the IDFA Award for Best Documentary Film, Mila’s debut feature doc, CINEMA KOMUNISTO (2011) played at over 100 festivals and won 16 awards including the FOCAL Award for Creative Use of Archival Footage. In her work with archives, Mila delves into questions of representations of history at the intersection of personal memories and political narratives, seeking to reactivate forgotten histories. Her research-based artistic practice ranges from video installations commissioned by MoMA New York to live documentary performances. In 2020 Mila was invited to join the AMPAS (Oscars) Documentary Branch. Her most recent project, the documentary diptych CINÉ-GUERRILLAS and NON-ALIGNED: SCENES FROM THE LABUDOVIC REELS, an archival road trip through the cinematic birth of the Third Word, premiered in the autumn 2022.



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