The Pageant

// The Pageant

Eytan İpeker // Turquie - France - Israël - Germany // 2021
// 83 min // Couleur // 16:9

Jaquette La compétition

Since 2011, the International Christian Embassy, an evangelical organisation, has been sponsoring the organisation of a beauty contest in Haifa reserved for female survivors of the Holocaust living in a retirement home. Following the journey of Sophie Leibowitz, competing for the 2016 title, Eytan Ipeker questions how the memory of the Shoah is turned into a spectacle for political purposes.


Produced by Yoel Meranda - Kamara (Turkey), Carine Chichkowsky - Survivance (France), Eitan Mansuri and Jonathan Doweck - Spiro Films (Israel) et Kristina Konrad - Welt Film (Germany).

Supported by CNC, Procirep-Angoa, Tënk & Mediapart (France), New Film Fund (Turkey).

Pitched at Sheffield Doc/Fest MeetMarket, Istanbul Meetings on the Bridge Work-in-Progress (Color Up Award).


Visions du Réel (International Feature Competition - World Premiere), Sarajevo Film Festival, Jerusalem International Film Festival, Odessa International Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Istanbul Film Festival, Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival Lugano, Muestra de Cine de Lanzarote, Documentarist - İstanbul Belgesel Günleri, İstanbul Modern Sinema


Direction : Eytan İpeker
Director of Photography : Itay Marom
Sound Design : Emmanuel Soland
Editing : Eytan İpeker
Post-Production : ColorUp (Istanbul), Volte Film (Berlin)


Eytan Ipeker is a Turkish director, screenwriter, and producer born in Istanbul. When he was two years old, his family moved to Israel, and when Eytan turned six, they decided to return to Turkey. Ipeker is a member of Istanbul’s Jewish community. He studied filmmaking in Boston and New York. The Pageant is his debut feature film. This is what Eytan says about his directorial work: “In a world where communication and honesty is so rare, filmmaking is my only way to breathe. I will continue making films no matter what it takes because I have to.”


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