Antoine Vazquez // France // 2024
// 84 min // Couleur // 16:9

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Jaquette A Shelter of One's Own
A Shelter of One's Own

// A Shelter of One's Own

Éva Tourrent // France // 2024
// 75 min // Couleur // 16:9

A few shacks built on the hillside on the fringe of society and without men. A place of refuge, of collective and feminist transformation. From this edge, alongside those who build it, I question my place in nature and society, in my couple, the freedom of my body and of having a child. Festivals                             ...

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I Will Never Heal

// I Will Never Heal

David Yon // France // 2023
// 67 min // Couleur // 4:3

For a few years now, major renovation work has been changing the face of Marseille. In the district of Arenc, towers are built in front of Ouahib's windows and block his view. He wanders around the city, camera in hand, to keep a trace of what will disappear. Pierre and Rosalie meet his path. Festivals                          FID ,...

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Non-Aligned & Cine-guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudovic Reels

// Non-Aligned & Cine-guerrillas: Scenes from the Labudovic Reels

Mila Turajlić // // 2022
// Couleur & Noir et blanc // 16:9

Non-Aligned & Ciné-Guerrillas  is a documentary diptych of two feature-length films that take us on an archival road trip through the birth of the Third World project, based on unseen 35mm materials filmed by Stevan Labudović, the cameraman of Yugoslav President Tito. Non-Aligned  re-traces the birth of the Non-Aligned movement, examining how a global project...

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Jaquette Working the Woods
Working the Woods

// Working the Woods

Lola Peuch // France // 2022
// 45 min // Couleur // 4:3

From the stage of an open-air theatre in the Bois de Boulogne, Heden, Claudia and Samantha, sex workers, tell the story of the Bois as their workplace. Beyond their stories, the landscapes of the Bois welcome the voice-over of a queer narrator who tells stories. Starting from its creation during the Second Empire, then in full colonial expansion, to better return to the present, she...

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Jaquette Your eyes could hear the music
Your eyes could hear the music

// Your eyes could hear the music

Marie-Astrid Le Theule // France // 2021
// 54 min // Couleur // 1:33

Janine Solane. A forgotten name. And yet, as early as the 1930s this choreographer created a new dance entirely composed of feminine bodies freed from pointes and classical ballet stereotypes, a dance which cares about humanity and speaks to “all minds, all hearts, from any background”. The unpublished archives of her great productions and the intimacy of her last rehearsals, in her 92nd...

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Jaquette The Pageant
The Pageant

// The Pageant

Eytan İpeker // Turquie - France - Israël - Allemagne // 2021
// 83 min // Couleur // 16:9

Since 2011, the International Christian Embassy, an evangelical organisation, has been sponsoring the organisation of a beauty contest in Haifa reserved for female survivors of the Holocaust living in a retirement home. Following the journey of Sophie Leibowitz, competing for the 2016 title, Eytan Ipeker questions how the memory of the Shoah is turned into a spectacle for political purposes....

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Jaquette A Man Leaning
A Man Leaning

// A Man Leaning

Marie-Violaine Brincard et Olivier Dury // France // 2021
// 95 min // Couleur // 1:33

A major poet of the end of the 20 th  century, Thierry Metz (1956 – 1997) worked as a manual laborer and seasonal hand in the southwestern France. He transformed each stage in his life into poetic material. This film aims to bring to light the tragic intensity of his brief existence together with the radicalness of his artistic commitment.   Festivals Ji.hlava International...

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Jaquette Dark Waters
Dark Waters

// Dark Waters

Stéphanie Régnier // France // 2018
// 54 min // Couleur // HD

A village like an island in the middle of a huge swamp in a tropical area. A flooded savannah plain crossed by herds of zebus grazing floating grass carpets. Fishy black waters sheltering strange animals. Cornelia takes her canoe to gather in her nets atipas, yayas, and coulons, while in the distance the gauchos gather the cows. Antonia remembers the time when she also drove her canoe...

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Jaquette A Lua Platz
A Lua Platz

// A Lua Platz

Jérémy Gravayat // France // 2018
// 97 min // Couleur // 4:3 et 16:9

At the outskirts of Paris, in a rapidly-changing suburb, a group of Romanian families are searching for a place to live. From their abandoned village, to the demolished slum and occupied houses, their quest weaves togethers a common history, forged through solidarity and marked by displacement. Accompanying them on their journey, we build this film as an alternative habitable space....

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Jaquette Yukiko

// Yukiko

Young Sun Noh // France // 2018
// 70 min // Couleur // HD

  During Japan's occupation of Korea, a Japanese woman goes to Seoul to join her Korean lover. Back at the end of the Second World War, she brought a girl into the world, in Pyongyang, then had to flee. She returned to Japan, alone. I dream of this woman, a foreigner, my unknown grandmother, deceased, without a name, without a face, isolated between two countries, simultaneously...

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Jaquette Cursed days
Cursed days

// Cursed days

Artem Iurchenko // France // 2018
// 72 min // Couleur // HD

2014, in Ukraine. In the city-centre of Kiev, protected from the outside world, this is where Vladimir devotes himself to teaching precise lines, in between cups of coffee. Time seems suspended here, while fragments of the present infiltrate the workshop: the sounds and images of the revolution that is rumbling on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) get this far, against the will...

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Jaquette The other side of everything
The other side of everything

// The other side of everything

Mila Turajlic // France - Serbie // 2017
// 104 min // Couleur // HD

World premiere Toronto International Film Festival 2017 Winner of the IDFA Award for Best-Feature Length Documentary Nominee for the LUX PRIZE of the European Parliament Short-listed for the European Film Academy Award for Best Documentary THEATRICAL RELEASE 24/10/2018   “ If I really am a Freedom Fighter, the freedom I have won is the worst failure of my life...

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Jaquette Bricks

// Bricks

Quentin Ravelli // France // 2017
// 83 min // Couleur // HD

Released in cinema on October 18th 2017 Bricks  shows how the life of a simple commodity can be the mirror of a global crisis. During the housing bubble, real estate developers and construction businessmen were the « brick kings ». Bricks had turned into gold. But in 2007, the housing bubble exploded. Here lies the mad story of the bricks: in the same country, 400 000 subprime...

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Jaquette Black Sister's Street
Black Sister's Street

// Black Sister's Street

Aïcha Thiam // France // 2016
// 66 min // Couleur // HD

An investigation in Antwerp about the familial story of diamonds traders brings a young Senegalese director to think about migrations nowadays.  In co-production with DS'production , Andrey DIARRA, Mali et Lyon Capitale TV. Black Sisters' Street / Trailer from Survivance on Vimeo . Synopsis I was born in Antwerp in 1979. My family has been living years of opulence...

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Jaquette Remake of a Summer
Remake of a Summer

// Remake of a Summer

Magali Bragard et Séverine Enjolras // France // 2017
// 96 min // Couleur // HD

One summertime, in Paris and its suburbs, two young women filmmakers attempt a remake of Chronicle of a Summer , fifty years after the cult film by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin. Through their characters, who mingle questions covering the intimate and the political, a portrait of our society mirroring that of the sixties emerges.  Bande annonce Reprendre l'été from Survivance on...

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Jaquette Dao Khanong (By the time it gets dark)
Dao Khanong (By the time it gets dark)

// Dao Khanong (By the time it gets dark)

Anocha Suwichakornpong // Thaïlande // 2016
// 105 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

Ann, director, moved to a peaceful cottage in the Thai countryside with Taew, a writer and politician of the 1970s. Together she began interviewing Taew's life for a film project. Nong oscillates between various odd jobs, seeking a way in different places of contemporary Thailand, between prosaism and sacred. Two actors - Tak and Peter - intersect in life and on screen. director statement...

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Jaquette Spectres are haunting Europe
Spectres are haunting Europe

// Spectres are haunting Europe

Maria Kourkouta & Niki Giannari // France // 2016
// 99 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

The daily life of refugees (Syrian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Afghani, and other) in the camp of Idomeni. Refugees waiting in queues for food, tea and doctors; waiting to cross the border between Greece and Macedonia. One day, Europe closes its borders for them once and for all. The "residents" of Idomeni decide, in their turn, to occupy the train tracks, blocking the trains that carry goods across...

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Jaquette Welcome to Madagascar
Welcome to Madagascar

// Welcome to Madagascar

Franssou Prenant // France // 2015
// 102 min // Couleur //

When you return to a spot you have been in the past, it always looks smaller or larger, freer or more boring than it did before. Time distorts memory. But according to Franssou Prenant, everything in Algiers is still the same, apart from possibly the colour of the fence, which has changed from blue to grey from lack of paint. It soon becomes clear that her picture of the city where she lived...

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Jaquette Tournons ensemble, Mademoiselle Darrieux
Tournons ensemble, Mademoiselle Darrieux

// Tournons ensemble, Mademoiselle Darrieux

Emmanuel Vernières // France // 2016
// 9 min // Noir et blanc // 1,85:1

Off, on the phone, Danielle Darrieux and a director talk about a film project. In the image, a team of cinema prepares the shooting ... Will Mademoiselle Darrieux sing as expected ? Apology of a great lady of French cinema ... and frustration. Team Direction : Emmanuel Vernières Cinematography : Adrien Mitterrand Editing : Laurence Larre Sound & Mix : Bertrand Larrieu

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Jaquette The Night and the Kid
The Night and the Kid

// The Night and the Kid

David Yon // France // 2015
// 60 min // Couleur // HD

In the Atlas steppe highlands. After the wars, on a land where threat still echoes, a young man, Lamine, and a kid wander in the night. From place to place, the past resurfaces from the shadows, through Lamine’s stories and the singular rituals he reenacts, all along the re-flowering ruins. Read more:  David Yon's filming diary In coproduction with  Haut les mains Productions...

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Jaquette Suspended by the night
Suspended by the night

// Suspended by the night

Eva Tourrent // France // 2014
// 24 min // Couleur // HD

Synopsis There is a cable suspended between the machine and the void, between the snow-groomer and the slope, between Guillaume an his thoughts. Every winter night, Guillaume crosses the ski-runs and the mountain to repack the snow. Alone in his cabin, he is at one with his machine in balance composed of ceaselessly repeated comings and goings...   Festivals An Official...

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Jaquette Sons of Barents
Sons of Barents

// Sons of Barents

David Kremer // France // 2015
// 75 min // Couleur // HD

Barents Sea, beyond the Arctic Circle. During endless summer days, a ship relentlessly crisscrosses the shoals. Caught up in an industrial pace, and exposed to the dangers of deep-sea fishing, about thirty men work flat out for a few tons of fish. Fishing season after fishing season, what brings these men back to this risky life? How do they keep up, together?  In coproduction with...

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My death doesn't belong to me

// My death doesn't belong to me

Charles O'Gust Kutu // France // 2014
// 52 min // Couleur // HD

In Burkina Faso, where many religions coexist and interconfessional marriage is quite common, funerals are often disputed. Charles-Auguste remembers the quarrels over his father's burial and comes to imagine what would his own funeral look like.Muslims, Christians and Animists successively explain what ceremonial they will have in store for him when his time comes. But Charles-August is a...

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Jaquette Kelly

// Kelly

Stéphanie Régnier // France // 2013
// 65 min // Couleur // HD

At a glance, Europe seems a vague entity. It remains unobtainable for Kelly, who looks upon it with rage. On camera, she replays her destiny: her sensible life in Peru, her clandestine life in French Guiana, her family, her love, her coping... Kelly is suspended between three continents, three languages, and three worlds. Her life plays out on a global scale and the time of the film...

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Latin Street Revolucion

// Latin Street Revolucion

Cécile Quiroz et Romain Dutter // France // 2013
// Blog et 52 min // HD Couleur // 1,85:1

To promote cultural identity - this is what Charquipunk, Grover, Cynthia, and the others seek to do, using tools from urban circles: graffiti, street art, hip hop dance, rap. In the company of these artists who make of their roots a source of strength, we are plunged into the heart of the barrios' of Latin America. « Latin Street Revolucion » will be an opportunity to become immersed in...

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The adventure is a secret

// The adventure is a secret

Pierre Linguanotto // France // 2013
// 55 & 67 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

A demonstration, a banner. A silhouette seen from behind crosses a white line and directs the movements of the demonstrators. Fodé turns, shows his face and looks at us smiling: choosing when to hide and when to be seen can be decisive in the course of a life. Mamadou, Fodé and Magasa evoke with calm and lucidity their passage from the clandestine life to the affirmation of their...

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Destination Johannesburg

// Destination Johannesburg

Laure Poinsot // France // 2010
// Couleur // 1,85:1

Sprawling, diverse, Johannesburg is not a city that can easily be tamed, with its endless distances, its social and economic clashes, its reputation for crime. Formerly the ultimate city of colonialism and of apartheid, Johannesburg is now a city of unprecedented social, economic, and urban issues that the Rainbow Nation must face. Fifteen years after the fall of apartheid, the ancient...

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  • 15 mai de 17h à 21h

Vernissage de l’exposition Ces voix qui m'assiègent...- Cité Internationale des arts


  • 16 mai à 19h

Live documentary performance de Mila Turajlic consacré à son travail sur les archives -  Cycle La recherche et ses récits, Le Bal


  • 18-21 mai

Projections et rencontres avec Mila Turajlic de Non Alignés et Ciné-Guerrillas, Festival Etonnants Voyageurs, St Malo


  • 22 mai à 18h

Rencontre et dialogue entre Mila Turajlic et Elaine Mohktefi (militante anti-raciste et anticoloniale, ancienne du FLN), MEP


  • 23 mai à 19h

Projection du film Non Alignés (présenté par Carine Chichkowsky, productrice), Parti Communiste Français, Paris