"The surviving form [...] symptomatically and phantomatically survives its own death: disappeared from a point in history, it reappears much later, at a moment when, perhaps, it is no longer expected" Georges Didi-Huberman.

It is with this destiny of images and of films that Survivance, a company founded in 2010, seeks to engage, by way of two activities, one looking towards the future, the other towards the past: creating documentaries and distributing rare films on DVD. It is important for us to inscribe images yet to come in terms of images from the past; so the films encountered might guide those that remain to be made. Survivance was founded by Guillaume Morel.


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 Le 28 mars, 20h, au Relfet Médicis (Paris). En présence de Lea Glob.

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  • Le 29 mars, 20h15, au Méliès. (Montreuil). En présence de Lea Glob et Apolonia Sokol.


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