Dark Waters

// Dark Waters

Stéphanie Régnier // France // 2018
// 54 min // Couleur // HD

Jaquette Eaux Noires

A village like an island in the middle of a huge swamp in a tropical area. A flooded savannah plain crossed by herds of zebus grazing floating grass carpets. Fishy black waters sheltering strange animals.

Cornelia takes her canoe to gather in her nets atipas, yayas, and coulons, while in the distance the gauchos gather the cows. Antonia remembers the time when she also drove her canoe fastly on the black waters. Now her canoe is broken and her bones too worn to be able to carry her. She shares her joys and sorrows with the spirits around her. She sings Kasékò, this music invented by the slaves of French Guiana and transmitted from generation to generation until today.



2019 : Etonnants Voyageurs - Saint Malo (France)
2019 : Solelunadoc - Palermo (Italy) - SoundriveMotion Award, Best Soundtrack
2019 : Fifib - Bordeaux (France) - Carte blanche to Alca


Direction : Stéphanie Régnier
Cinematography : Julien Bossé, Stéphanie Régnier, Hélène Motteau
Sound : Bertrand Larrieu, Stéphanie Régnier
Edition : Saskia Berthod
Sound Design and Mix : Bertrand Larrieu, Xavier Despas

Biography of the director

Stéphanie Régnier studied at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux and then worked for ten years as an artist and artistic programmer before joining the Master II "Creative documentary" developed by the Documentary School of Lussas where she directed two short documentaries: Night and Jacky Jay, Garden Path. In 2010, she founded the association l'Oumigmag and started the writing of her first feature-length documentary: Kelly received the "Young Jury Prize" at the Cinéma du Réel festival, followed by an "Étoile de la SCAM" and the "Prix Découverte" (First film Prize) of the SCAM. From 2015 to 2017, Stéphanie Régnier conducted the artistic programming of documentary meetings in Bordeaux "Doc en Mai". Dark Waters is her second feature-length documentary.


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