Black Sister's Street

// Black Sister's Street

Aïcha Thiam // France // 2016
// 66 min // Couleur // HD

Jaquette Rue des sœurs noires

An investigation in Antwerp about the familial story of diamonds traders brings a young Senegalese director to think about migrations nowadays. 

In co-production with DS'production, Andrey DIARRA, Mali et Lyon Capitale TV.

Black Sisters' Street / Trailer from Survivance on Vimeo.


I was born in Antwerp in 1979. My family has been living years of opulence while my father was a diamond trader. After our way back in Africa, during my childhood, I kept the desire of going back to this city, even living there because of my mother’s nostalgia. Her idyllic descriptions of the cosmopolitan city made this desire grown.

From the Tourist Hotel, « the africans’ hotel » where my family lived, I meet my parents’ friends, who has choosen to stay in Antwerp, raising their children in the double cultures. They explain me they choises. A tragical event has change my quote throught a largest quote about immigration in Europe. My own interogations about my emigration desire is crossing the reflexions of these african, who fantasm sometimes about going back in the country, has idyllic has my Antwerp’s desire. 


Born in 1979 in Antwerp, Aïcha Thiam spent her childhood between Belgium, Congo, Mali and Senegal.

After studying filmmaking and production in Dakar, then in Senghor University in Alexandria (Egypt), she specialised in Documentary fiels in France, with the documentary course in La FEMIS, Paris and the Master of Documentary in Grenoble University and Ardèche Images Production in Lussas.

Since then, she is working at RTS (Senegalese National Broadcaster) as a director for several magazines and short documentary films. Black sisters’ street is her first feature length documentary film.


Fatou Fatou Mecanic woman, short documentary, 26mn, First episode of the documentary series « Horsewomen » // Coproduction RTS/CIRTEF, 2013.

The sea’s cry, short documentary, CIRTEF/RTS, 2008. // Fespaco 2009 in Panorama section / Best film prize and best Image prize, in Douala Short Film Festival, Cameroun / Silver Djengou Prize, in Kribi Festival, Cameroon. // Diffusion RTS/AFRICABLE/ORTM/ORTG/CRTV/2M/TV5 MONDE.

Daddy, short documentary, 11mn , 2006// Production GSARA Bruxelles/Media centre of Dakar. // Best documentary in Festival media 10/10 Namur Belgique, 2nd Documentary Prize in Festival Clap Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Jury Mention in Aljazeera Film Documentary Festival, Qatar, Selection in Festival Filmer A tout prix Bruxelles, Festival Ouiddah in Benin. 


Festival du Film Africain de Lausanne, FESDOB Togo.


Direction : Aïcha Thiam
Cinematography : Pierre Linguanotto
Editing : Céline Ducreux
Sound Editing & Mix : Bertrand Larrieu



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