Your eyes could hear the music

// Your eyes could hear the music

Marie-Astrid Le Theule // France // 2021
// 54 min // Couleur // 1:33

Jaquette Tes yeux entendaient la musique

Janine Solane. A forgotten name. And yet, as early as the 1930s this choreographer created a new dance entirely composed of feminine bodies freed from pointes and classical ballet stereotypes, a dance which cares about humanity and speaks to “all minds, all hearts, from any background”. The unpublished archives of her great productions and the intimacy of her last rehearsals, in her 92nd year, take us to the heart of her artistic creation. She, who wanted to dance the whole of human experience, sweeps us away in a whirlwind of freedom.


Direction : Marie-Astrid Le Theule
Editing : Céline Ducreux
Sound design and mix : Bertrand Larrieu


Marie-Astrid Le Theule is a teacher and researcher at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Her research is dedicated to the construction and language of the governing by numbers, especially in the hospital and legal fields; and to the links between management and creation.

Like Howard S. Becker, a sociologist who specialises in the exploration of the margins of society and in the art worlds with whom she often collaborates, Marie-Astrid le Theule is interested in the “snipers”, those who break away from the norm (e.g. Beckett, published by the Editions de Minuit, breaking with the literary style, Janine Solane, breaking with classical dance). Her ethnographic research methodology is highly influenced by the Sociologists of the Chicago School.

Her field analyses on creation have been published in French and international journals. Her thesis, defended in 2007, has received several awards. She has published four educational and two research works: Passeurs de création: gestionnaires des organisations culturelles, Editions Vuibert (2010) and L’art du sens dans les organisations, Presses de l’Université Laval, with J.L. Moriceau and H. Letiche, (2019). In 2004 she feels an urgent need to film Janine Solane, with whom she has been dancing from the age of eight. This will be Janine’s last year of working. Tes yeux entendaient la musique / Your eyes could hear the music is her first movie.




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