A Lua Platz

// A Lua Platz

Jérémy Gravayat // France // 2018
// 95 min // Couleur // 4:3 et 16:9

Jaquette A Lua PLatz

At the outskirts of Paris, in a rapidly-changing suburb, a group of Romanian families are searching for a place to live. From their abandoned village, to the demolished slum and occupied houses, their quest weaves togethers a common history, forged through solidarity and marked by displacement. Accompanying them on their journey, we build this film as an alternative habitable space.

a Survivance / L'image d'Après production


2018 : Entrevues de Belfort - International Compettition Feature Films


Jeremy Gravayat is a filmmaker born in 1981 in the suburbs of Paris.

Since 2000 he has been making films the document the living conditions of exiledcommunities. His approach mixes field work with archive research, the narrativisation of oral histories and militant engagement. His is noted for the projects he executed in Calais, Palestine and the suburbs of Lyon, Marseille and Paris. The films are characterised by a focus on human use of territory, a multiplicity of viewpoints and of formats, from film to digital. He is a member of The Abominable, a filmmaker co-lab, base at La Corneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis.


2018 Lua Platz 95’

2014 Planches, clous, marteaux 13’

2012 Que sais-je ? 6’

2010 Les Hommes debout 75’

2008 Vivre Ici 50’

2006 L’Europe après la pluie 40’

2002 Un autre jour sur la plage 20’

2001 La Rencontre 18’


More than 19 international awards for Mila Turajlic's film since the IDFA 2017, including the Objectif d’or at the Millennium Film Festival, the Fipresci Jury Award in ZagrebDox, the Special Jury Award at Salem Film Fest, the Best Editing & Sound Design Awards at the Belgrade Documentary Festival !

Congratulations to Magali Bragard and Séverine Enjolras for their film Remake of a summer rewarded by the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award at Ethnocineca International Film Festival of Vienna 2018

 It's official, The other side of everythingby Mila Turajlic will do it's World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival !


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