The adventure is a secret

// The adventure is a secret

Pierre Linguanotto // France // 2013
// 55 & 67 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

A demonstration, a banner. A silhouette seen from behind crosses a white line and directs the movements of the demonstrators. Fodé turns, shows his face and looks at us smiling: choosing when to hide and when to be seen can be decisive in the course of a life.

Mamadou, Fodé and Magasa evoke with calm and lucidity their passage from the clandestine life to the affirmation of their dignity and attachment to their adoptive country, France. Images from the past arise to testify the road traveled, the determination and course set since childhood: the pursuit of adventure.

In coproduction with Lyon TV
With the support of the CNC, Images de la diversité, of the Procirep-Angoa. Broadcast RTS 1st national TV channel in Senegal

Selections Festival Les Inattendus (Lyon) / Festival International du Film d'Amiens / Crossing Europe Film Festival (Linz, Austria) / Art en exil (Paris) / FESDOB Blitta (Togo) / Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver)/Cinemigrante Buenos Aires (Argentine)


 It's official, The other side of everythingby Mila Turajlic will do it's World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival !

After a mondial premiere at Documenta MadridBricks by Quentin Ravelli will be presented at the Etats Généraux du Film documentaire de Lussas and at the Festival Jean Rouch.

We are proud to anounce that Specters are haunting Europe,will be presented at  Documenta14 KasselEtats Généraux du film documentaire de LussasFestival Jean Rouch, and Gindou Cinéma this summer !


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