Destination Johannesburg

// Destination Johannesburg

Laure Poinsot // France // 2010
// Couleur // 1,85:1

Sprawling, diverse, Johannesburg is not a city that can easily be tamed, with its endless distances, its social and economic clashes, its reputation for crime.

Formerly the ultimate city of colonialism and of apartheid, Johannesburg is now a city of unprecedented social, economic, and urban issues that the Rainbow Nation must face.

Fifteen years after the fall of apartheid, the ancient city of gold has become a laboratory in which communities learn to live together. Ten residents of Johannesburg, from ten districts, show us their city, their hopes, and their doubts...

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Laure Poinsot has been a documentarist for more than ten years. She has directed more than twenty films for television (France 5, France 3, Canal +, Public Sénat…). Living between France and the African continent for several years, she chose the form of the web documentary to share her passion for her adopted city, Johannesburg.

Director: Laure Poinsot -
Editor: Laure Poinsot and Céline Ducreux -
Post-production et subtitling: Carine Chichkowsky, Guillaume Morel, Victor Claude. Production: Survivance


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Suspended by the night will be screening for the first time in France during the General States of Documentary Film of Lussas ! August the 21th on Tënk selection.

The night and the kid by David Yon will be screening in august the 21th at General States of Documentary Film of Lussas during an workshop around the documentary fable with the movies Loves and Metamorphosis by Yanira Yariv and Arabians nights by Miguel Gomes.


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