// Kelly

Stéphanie Régnier // France // 2013
// 65 min // Couleur // HD

At a glance, Europe seems a vague entity. It remains unobtainable for Kelly, who looks upon it with rage. On camera, she replays her destiny: her sensible life in Peru, her clandestine life in French Guiana, her family, her love, her coping...

Kelly is suspended between three continents, three languages, and three worlds. Her life plays out on a global scale and the time of the film closes in on the corridors and bedrooms of a hotel. Tangiers is revealed in fragments.

In coproduction with Les films de la Caravane, Cinaps, Lyon TV
With the support of CNC, Procirep-Angoa, Brouillon d'un rêve (SCAM), Archèche, Région Rhône-Alpes

Price and Selections:
Youth Jury award at Cinema du Réel 2013
Etoile de la SCAM 2013, Price SCAM discovery 2015
Selections FIFF Namur / Entrevues Belfort / DocLisboa / Cinemed / Etats généraux du documentaire Lussas / Fidadoc


More than 19 international awards for Mila Turajlic's film since the IDFA 2017, including the Objectif d’or at the Millennium Film Festival, the Fipresci Jury Award in ZagrebDox, the Special Jury Award at Salem Film Fest, the Best Editing & Sound Design Awards at the Belgrade Documentary Festival !

Congratulations to Magali Bragard and Séverine Enjolras for their film Remake of a summer rewarded by the Excellence in Visual Anthropology Award at Ethnocineca International Film Festival of Vienna 2018

 It's official, The other side of everythingby Mila Turajlic will do it's World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival !


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