Gabriel Martins et Maurilio Martins // Brésil // 2019
// 122 min // Couleur //

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Katsuya Tomita // Japon // 2019
// 63 min // Couleur //

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Jaquette Bangkok Nites

017 // Bangkok Nites

Katsuya Tomita // Japon // 2016
// 183 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

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Jaquette The other side of everything
The other side of everything

// The other side of everything

Mila Turajlic // France - Serbie // 2017
// 104 min // Couleur // HD

World premiere Toronto International Film Festival 2017 Winner of the IDFA Award for Best-Feature Length Documentary Nominee for the LUX PRIZE of the European Parliament Short-listed for the European Film Academy Award for Best Documentary THEATRICAL RELEASE 24/10/2018   “ If I really am a Freedom Fighter, the freedom I have won is the worst failure of my life...

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Jude Ratnam // France - Sri-Lanka // 2017
// 94 min // Couleur // 1.77

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Jaquette Bangkok Nites

// Bangkok Nites

Katsuya Tomita // Japon // 2016
// 183 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

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Jaquette Bricks

// Bricks

Quentin Ravelli // France // 2017
// 83 min // Couleur // HD

Released in cinema on October 18th 2017 Bricks  shows how the life of a simple commodity can be the mirror of a global crisis. During the housing bubble, real estate developers and construction businessmen were the « brick kings ». Bricks had turned into gold. But in 2007, the housing bubble exploded. Here lies the mad story of the bricks: in the same country, 400 000 subprime...

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Jaquette Sayonara

// Sayonara

Kôji Fukada // Japon // 2015
// 112 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

It is the near future, Japan has become contaminated with massive amounts of radiation. With 80% of Japan severely contaminated, the government makes an official decision to abandon the country and begin evacuating residents by lots. Left behind in the swelling exodus is a South African expatriate, Tanya, and her android caretaker, Leona. As people pass them by, the two are left alone together...

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Jaquette Spectres are haunting Europe
Spectres are haunting Europe

// Spectres are haunting Europe

Maria Kourkouta & Niki Giannari // France // 2016
// 99 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

The daily life of refugees (Syrian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Afghani, and other) in the camp of Idomeni. Refugees waiting in queues for food, tea and doctors; waiting to cross the border between Greece and Macedonia. One day, Europe closes its borders for them once and for all. The "residents" of Idomeni decide, in their turn, to occupy the train tracks, blocking the trains that carry goods across...

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Jaquette The Night and the Kid
The Night and the Kid

// The Night and the Kid

David Yon // France // 2015
// 60 min // Couleur // HD

In the Atlas steppe highlands. After the wars, on a land where threat still echoes, a young man, Lamine, and a kid wander in the night. From place to place, the past resurfaces from the shadows, through Lamine’s stories and the singular rituals he reenacts, all along the re-flowering ruins. Read more:  David Yon's filming diary In coproduction with  Haut les mains Productions...

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Jaquette Court

// Court

// Inde // 2014
// 116 min // Couleur // 2.39

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Jaquette Sons of Barents

// Sons of Barents

David Kremer // France // 2015
// 75 min // Couleur // HD

Barents Sea. Arctic Circle. The endless days of summer pass. Thirty men board the Grand Hermine , the last French trawler equipped for the deep-sea fishing. They work tirelessly, facing the sea, on their own.  They purchase fish shoals, on a relentless course, every fishing season. What brings these men back to this risky life? How do they make it through, together?   //...

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Jaquette The Valley

// The Valley

Ghassan Salhab // Liban // 2014
// 134 min // Couleur // 1.77

After a car accident on a lone mountain road, a middle-aged man loses his memory. Drenched in blood, he continues to walk along the deserted path. Further down the road, he encounters people with engine trouble and helps them get their car running again. They are reluctant to leave him stranded, so they take him home to their large estate in the Bekaa valley, a place where production...

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Jaquette Au revoir l'été

// Au revoir l'été

Kôji Fukada // Japon // 2013
// 126 min // Couleur // 1:33

Accompanied by Sakuko, her niece, preparing its entry to university, Mikie is back in her hometown to carry out the translation of an Indonesian novel. The summer languor in the Japanese countryside is an opportunity for Mikie to reconnect with Ukichi, an ancient lover, manager of a clandestine love hotel and for Sakuko to approach the shy Takashi, a Fukushima refugee. This summer...

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Jaquette David Holzman diary

// David Holzman diary

// États-Unis // 1967
// 73 min // Noir et blanc // 1:33

The better to understand his life, and because, according to Godard "cinema is truth 24 times per second", David Holzman, a trainee filmmaker in the New York of the 1960s, starts a film diary. To see the film of his life will perhaps enable him to grasp its meaning. But David Holzman will quickly understand that the ubiquity of the camera in his daily life is not without influence on the...

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Jaquette Neighbouring Sounds

// Neighbouring Sounds

Kleber Mendonça Filho // Brésil // 2012
// 131 min // Couleur //

At Recife,on Brazilian coast, the inhabitants of a prosperous district of Setúbal follow a quiet way of life, between small annoyances and airiness. Bia deploy some tricks for shut the neighbour's dog up, Joã o wakes up in the arms of his last night lover, Fransisco prevailing in mysterious patriarch on neighborhood, get visits from a private security company that wants to establish it...

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Jaquette Mundane History

// Mundane History

Anocha Suwichakornpong // Thaïlande // 2010
// 82 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

In the wealthy Bangkok house he shares with his father, Ake, a young paralyzed man, is nailed to his bed. His days go by uneasily, marked by his angry silence due to dependence.  A nursing auxiliary, Pun, has been recruited to take care of him. At first, they communicate little. The young man starts to open up his heart through candid conversations. The close proximity to Pun makes Ake’s...

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Le film brésilien de Gabriel Martins et Maurilio Martins Au coeur du monde est sélectionné en compétition internationale au Festival des 3 continents et sera projeté une première fois le mercredi 20 novembre, suivi de nombreuses projections jusqu'au 25 novembre !

"A Lua platz" by Jérémy Gravayat received two awards at Entrevues Belfort 2018: the Camera Critics Prize and a special mention of the Eurocks One + One prize chaired by Fishbach. (Film produced by Survivance and L'image d'après). Congratulations to Jérémy and the entire film crew!

More than 19 international awards for Mila Turajlic's film since the IDFA 2017, including the Objectif d’or at the Millennium Film Festival, the Fipresci Jury Award in ZagrebDox, the Special Jury Award at Salem Film Fest, the Best Editing & Sound Design Awards at the Belgrade Documentary Festival !


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A l'occasion de la sortie en salles du Journal de David Holzman, Jim McBride revient sur son film réalisé il y a près de 45 ans.
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