// Moving

Shinji Sômai // Japon // 1993
// 124 min // Couleur // 1:66

Jaquette Déménagement

Renko, a girl in the sixth grade, is at first unperturbed by her parents' decision to separate. With the companionship of her boyfriend, Minoru, and Sally, a classmate in the same boat, Renko gradually realises the practical implications of divorce, and tries repeatedly to get her parents to reconcile. An old man teaches her about the need to forget the past...


with Tomoko Tabata, Kiichi Nakai, Junko Sakurada
Directed by : Shinji Sômai
Written by : Satoshi Okonogi, Satoko Okudera
Original story : Hiko Tanaka
Production : Yomiuri Telecasting
Corporation Producers : Hirohisa Mujuku, Hiroyuki Fujikado
Cinematography : Toyomichi Kurita
Edited by : Yoshiyuki Okuhara
Sound : Hidetoshi Nonaka
Music by: Shigeaki Saegusa
Artistic direction : Shinegori Shimoishizaka, Hidemitsu Yamazaki


Born in Morioka on January 13, 1948. After studying at Chūō University (Tokyo), he joined the Nikkatsu company in 1972, where he became assistant director. He left Nikkatsu in 1976 and went freelance. Assistant director with Kazuhiko Hasegawa, Murakami Ryū and Terayama Shūji. He made his first film, The Terrible Couple, in 1980. From 1980 to 2000, he shot 13 feature films and a documentary, directed an opera, or made several short commercials. He died of lung cancer on September 9, 2001.



Non-Alignés : scènes des archives Labudović au cinéma le 27 septembre ! 

Les séances-rencontres prévues : 

27 Septembre - Reflet Médicis (Paris 5) - 20h30, Non Alignés : scènes des archives Labudović, en présence de Mila Turajlić

28 Septembre - Le Luminor Hôtel de Ville (Paris 4) - 20h30, suivie d'une discussion animée par Laurent Geslin (Le Courrier des Balkans)

8 octobre - Reflet Médicis - 13h40, Ciné-Guérillas : scènes des archives Labudović*, Séance exceptionnelle en présence d'Elaine Mokhtefi, militante anti-raciste et anticoloniale, ancienne du FLN, autrice d'Alger, capitale de la révolution. De Fanon aux Black Panthers

10 octobre - Reflet Médicis - 20h30, Non Alignés : scènes des archives Labudović, en présence de Mila Turajlić et Antoine de Baecque, critique et historien 

*Non Alignés & Ciné-Guérillas forment un diptyque filmique