Jaquette Syndromes and a Century

001 // Syndromes and a Century

Apichatpong Weerasethakul // Thaïlande // 2006
// 105 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

In Thailand, in a country hospital, Dr Toey, a young physician, does not respond to the timid advances of a colleague. To comfort him, she tells him of her own unrequited love for a florist, an orchid specialist. In Thailand, in a sophisticated urban hospital, Toey faces the advances of the same enamored colleague. History and the film seem to repeat themselves, and yet... Introduction...

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Jaquette Images of the World and the Inscription of War // Respite

002 // Images of the World and the Inscription of War // Respite

Harun Farocki // Allemagne // 1988 et 2007
// 75 et 40 min // Couleur // 4:3 et 16:9

"One must be as wary of images as of words. Images and words are woven into discourses, networks of meanings. My path is to go in search of a buried meaning, to clear the debris that clog the images." Harun Farocki INTRODUCTION In Images of the World and the Inscription of War and Respite , Harun Farocki ponders two sets of images of the Holocaust and makes them readable by way of two...

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Jaquette David Holzman's  Diary // My Girlfriend's Wedding

003 // David Holzman's Diary // My Girlfriend's Wedding

Jim McBride // États-Unis // 1967
// 74 min // Noir et blanc // 1:33

The better to understand his life, and because, according to Godard "cinema is truth 24 times per second", David Holzman, a trainee filmmaker in the New York of the 1960s, starts a film diary. To see the film of his life will perhaps enable him to grasp its meaning. But David Holzman will quickly understand that the ubiquity of the camera in his daily life is not without influence on the...

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Jaquette Black Harvest

004 // Black Harvest

Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly // Australie // 1992
// 90 min // Couleur // 1:33

"As with a great book, we find what is at the core of humanity since Cain and Abel. Greed, jealousy, lust for power." Catherine Humblot / / Le Monde "A documentary event of extraordinary resonance." Stephen Holden / / New York Times Cinéma du Réel // Grand Prix 1992
 Best Documentary // Australian Film Institute Awards 1992 Sundance Festival// Official Selection 1993  ...

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Jaquette Mundane History

007 // Mundane History

Anocha Suwichakornpong // Thaïlande // 2010
// 82 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

"Anocha has produced a number of daring and delicate films. Her  Mundane History  left a strange impression on me. I am a big fan." Apichatpong Weerasethakul Survivance is proud to distribute  Mundane History  (Tiger Award at Rotterdam) by Anocha Suwichakorpong in theaters. Coming soon to cinemas.

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Jaquette Summer of Giacomo

005 // Summer of Giacomo

Alessandro Comodin // Italie // 2011
// 78 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

It's summertime in the countryside of North-East Italy. Giacomo is a nineteen-year-old deaf boy. One day with Stefania, a friend from childhood, they go to the river to have a picnic. The two youths wander so far from the trodden paths that they finally get lost. They find themselves alone and free during an afternoon that could last the entire summer. Sensuality intermingles with their...

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Jaquette Neighbouring Sounds

// Neighbouring Sounds

Kleber Mendonça Filho // Brésil // 2012
// 131 min // Couleur //

At Recife,on Brazilian coast, the inhabitants of a prosperous district of Setúbal follow a quiet way of life, between small annoyances and airiness. Bia deploy some tricks for shut the neighbour's dog up, Joã o wakes up in the arms of his last night lover, Fransisco prevailing in mysterious patriarch on neighborhood, get visits from a private security company that wants to establish it...

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Jaquette Au revoir l'été

// Au revoir l'été

Kôji Fukada // Japon // 2013
// 126 min // Couleur // 1:33

Accompanied by Sakuko, her niece, preparing its entry to university, Mikie is back in her hometown to carry out the translation of an Indonesian novel. The summer languor in the Japanese countryside is an opportunity for Mikie to reconnect with Ukichi, an ancient lover, manager of a clandestine love hotel and for Sakuko to approach the shy Takashi, a Fukushima refugee. This summer...

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Gilles Groulx // Canada // 1960 - 1969
// Couleur & Noir et blanc // 4:3 et 16:9

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Suspended by the night will be screening for the first time in France during the General States of Documentary Film of Lussas ! August the 21th on Tënk selection.

The night and the kid by David Yon will be screening in august the 21th at General States of Documentary Film of Lussas during an workshop around the documentary fable with the movies Loves and Metamorphosis by Yanira Yariv and Arabians nights by Miguel Gomes.

Suspended by the night by Eva Tourrent, new Survivance production, on international shorts movies competition at Visions of Reality in Nyon ! Screening in april the 22 and 23th.

Sons of Barents by David Kremer will be screening in 'Fresh Eye' section in april the 17 and 18th !


De McBride à Joseph Morder
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A l'occasion de la sortie en salles du Journal de David Holzman, Jim McBride revient sur son film réalisé il y a près de 45 ans.
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