Sons of Barents

011 // Sons of Barents

David Kremer // France // 2015
// 75 min // Couleur // HD

Jaquette Seuls ensemble

Barents Sea. Arctic Circle. The endless days of summer pass. Thirty men board the Grand Hermine, the last French trawler equipped for the deep-sea fishing. They work tirelessly, facing the sea, on their own.  They purchase fish shoals, on a relentless course, every fishing season. What brings these men back to this risky life? How do they make it through, together?


// Director’s statement

Despite the harshness of this world, once these sailors set foot on such trawler, they spend their entire life abroad. The thin thread that suspends these men to their desire to return to the sea, to sail once more, despite the storms and factory hell, must be fragile. But there is undoubtedly a real desire.

These men represent a tangible link between a form of life and a certain form of death as they force order and chaos, toughness and anarchy, boredom and repeated astonishment to cohabit.

 Filming such an extraordinary tension and making it perceptible is my reason for sailing away again. Further. Longer.


// Director

 David studied sound engineering in Brest after spending his childhood in Nantes and Chambéry. He was also interested in shooting images and took advantage of being in Brittany to experiment what would later become his passion and his professional occupation. He then left Brest and joined the image department of the FEMIS. Making a living as a director of photography, he kept experimenting shooting out at sea. This is to be seen (LOURD) in his movies "Coups de filet" in 2007, "L'étoile du matin” (Morning star) in 2013 and in his first long documentary film "Seuls, ensemble » (Sons of Barents). In 2013, he was in charge of lighting on his first feature film and, for once without his camera, went on learning about the sea. He directed Sons of Barents in 2015.


In coproduction with Takami Productions and TVR, TÉBÉO, TÉBÉSUD
With the support of Région Bretagne, CNC, PROCIREP-ANGOA


Special Jury award at Nancy-Lorraine International Festival

First Film award Traces de vie  

In competition at FIFE 2015 (International Environmental Film Festival)/Paris
Vision du Réel/Crossing Europe Linz/Etonnants Voyageurs Saint-Malo/Doc en mai Bordeaux/Golden Apricot Yerevan Arménie/Festival of Douarnenez/ Jean Rouch
Festival / Rencontres de cinéma de Manosque / 






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