Spectres are haunting Europe

// Spectres are haunting Europe

Maria Kourkouta & Niki Giannari // France // 2016
// 99 min // Couleur // 1,85:1

Jaquette  Des Spectres hantent l'Europe

The daily life of refugees (Syrian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Afghani, and other) in the camp of Idomeni. Refugees waiting in queues for food, tea and doctors; waiting to cross the border between Greece and Macedonia. One day, Europe closes its borders for them once and for all. The "residents" of Idomeni decide, in their turn, to occupy the train tracks, blocking the trains that carry goods across the border.


Direction : Maria Kourkouta & Niki Giannari

Cinematography : Maria Kourkouta

Sound design : André Fèvre

Voice-over : Lena Platonos

Production : Maria Kourkouta & Carine Chichkowsky


Maria Kourkouta

Born in 1982, northern Greece. After studying the history of the Balkans in Greece, she moved to Paris in 2006 where she currently lives most of the time. In France, she did some research for her PhD on the the question of rhythm in cinema. Since 2008, she made several films, mostly on 16mm at different artist-run labs in France (such as L’Etna and L’Abominable) where she is still active as a member. Most of her films are distributed by LightCone. Specters are haunting Europe is her first long feature.

Niki Giannari

Born in 1968. Greek writer. 


Award of Best International Feature-Lenght Film Jihlava Film Festival 2016, Torino Film Festival, Cinemed Montpellier, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, CPH Docs, Visions du Réel, Washington DC Independent Film Festival, Glasgow Film Festival, Ismailia International Film Festival, DocuFest Prizren Kosovo, Open City Documentary Festival London, Inconvenient Films: Human Rights Film Festival Vilnius, Lima Independiente Film Festival, International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival on Wheels in Turkey,  Lisbon International Film Festival, FilmFest Eberswalde, Patmos international Film Festival, Sicilia Queer Film Fest, Festival de cinéma de Douarnenez, Festival IFF Nancy, Festival Documenta14 Kassel, Etats généraux du documentaire de Lussas, Festival Jean Rouch.


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