GILLES GROULX, 6 films collection

006 // GILLES GROULX, 6 films collection

Gilles Groulx // Canada // 1960 - 1969
// Couleur // 4:3 et 16:9

Jaquette Coffret Gilles Groulx, 6 films

GILLES GROULX, 6 films collection


Figure of the modernity of the Canadian cinema, precursor and pioneer of documentary forms, virtuoso editor, Gilles Groulx (1931-1994) signed a daring work, demanding and politic that remains to be discovered in France. He signed at the end of the 50s, with Michel Brault, The Raquetteurs (1958), founding act of cinéma-direct. Sometimes pamphleteer (Voir Miami), social (Golden Gloves) , essayist (Un jeu si simple) or political rant (Entre tu et vous), his easethic will be fed at any point with Le Chat dans le sac (Cannes, 1965) , her feature film considered  as one of the most important of Quebec cinema and whose music was composed by John Coltrane.


// Press 

"The last time we saw many forms in Quebec cinema was with Gilles Groulx, in the years 1960-70." Denis Côté, cinéaste // 24 images

"Parent of Bertolucci and Godard, joining them by circuitous roads, Gilles Groulx announces, calmly and without preach, the Revolution comes to light in a dim consciousness, a chaotic and disturbing path that leads to certainty." Jean-André Fieschi // Les Cahiers du cinéma



// DVD and extras

La France sur un caillou (1960, 29 min)

Golden Gloves (1961, 28 min)

Voir Miami (1963, 28 min)

Le Chat dans le sac (1964, 75 min)

Un jeu si simple (1964, 30 min)

Entre tu et vous (1969, 65 min)

Trop c’est assez by Richard Brouillette : before his death, this portrait by one of Gilles Groulx has been made by one his its  « ciné-fils » (1995, 111 min)

Poster of Le Chat dans le sac

Canada / Français / Durée totale : 366 min

2 X DVD 9 / Pal / All zones / 4:3 & 16:9



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