My Worst Enemy

// My Worst Enemy

Mehran Tamadon // France, Suisse // 2023
// 82 min // Couleur // 1.90:1

Jaquette Mon pire ennemi

Mojtaba, Hamzeh, Zar are among other individuals who have been thrown into prison and ideologically interrogated in Iran. In this documentary, the director wants them to interrogate him as agents of the Islamic Republic might. He would like the real torturer in Iran to see himself through the film as if in a mirror. The violent experience of putting themselves in the torturer's head confronts them with their own limits and the ambivalence of the project itself.



Written and directed by : Mehran Tamadon
Written with : Philippe Lasry
Cinematography : Patrick Tresch
Sound : Laurent Malan 
Editing : Luc Forveille, Mehran Tamadon
Sound Design : Simon Gendrot, Philippe Grivel
Color grading : Robin Erard
Production : Raphaël Pillosio / l'atelier documentaire (France) ; Elena Tatti / Box Productions (Switzerland)
International sales : Stephan Riguet / AndanaFilms
With Zar Amir Ebrahimi (Holy Spider, best actress award - Cannes 2021), Taghi Rahmani, Mojtaba Najafi, Soheil Rassouli, Hamid Kalani, Hamze Ghalebi


Berlinale (Encounters) ; Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Award ; Cinéma du réel ; Visions du réel ; États généraux du film documentaire de Lussas ; International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam ; Kasseler Dokfest ; Festival international du film de Karlovy Vary ; Sheffield DocFest ; Cinéma(s) d'Iran


Mehran Tamadon was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1972. He first studied architecture in Paris before turning to filmmaking. He directed his first documentary, Behesht zahra, in 2004. In 2010, he made Bassidji in which he documented his attempts to enter into a dialogue with the Basij militia whose members have dedicated their lives to defending the Iranian regime. The same principle was applied in his film Iranien which won the Grand Prix at Cinéma du Réel and screened in the Berlinale Forum in 2014.


Distribution : Survivance // Guillaume Morel // guillaume[at]
Press : Emmanuel Vernières // emvernieres[at]


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DÉMÉNAGEMENT de Shinji Sômai primé à Venise : Le film reçoit le prix du meilleur film restauré à Venise. Inédit jusqu'alors en France, le film resortira le 25 octobre en version restaurée 4K !


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