A Shelter of One's Own

// A Shelter of One's Own

Éva Tourrent // France // 2024
// 75 min // Couleur // 16:9

Jaquette Lisière

A few shacks built on the hillside on the fringe of society and without men. A place of refuge, of collective and feminist transformation. From this edge, alongside those who build it, I question my place in nature and society, in my couple, the freedom of my body and of having a child.



Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, 2024 - World Premiere


Direction: Éva Tourrent
Photography: Hélène Motteau
Sound recording: Zoé Perron et Agnès Mathon
Editing: Young Sun Noh
Music: Gloria Jacobsen
Color grading: Graziella Zanoni
Sound design: Carole Verner, Virgile van Ginneken
Production: Carine Chichkowsky (Survivance), Carine Ruszniewski (Gogogo Films)
In coproduction with En Rachachant
With the support of the Plateforme Tënk and Ardèche's department
With the participation of France 3 Occitanie
With the support of CNC, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Région Occitanie and Procirep Angoa


Graduated from the Bordeaux Aquitaine School of Journalism (IJBA), Éva Tourrent first worked as a journalist for radio and television (France Inter, France Ô, France télévision), before strating a master degree in documentary filmmaking at the Lussas School/University of Grenoble in 2006-2007. In parallel to writing and directing her films, she supervises image education workshops, then works as an assistant director and general manager for film shoots, mainly in fiction. Since 2018, she is the artistic director of the SVoD platform Tënk. Shelter is her first feature film.

2007 - Entre les pierres, 19 min
2009 - Take Away, 6 min
2009 - Tant qu'ils restent, 42 min
2015 - Suspendu à la nuit, 24 min




 Le 28 mars, 20h, au Relfet Médicis (Paris). En présence de Lea Glob.

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  • Le 29 mars, 20h15, au Méliès. (Montreuil). En présence de Lea Glob et Apolonia Sokol.


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