• Courts métrages de Kleber Mendonça Filho à la Cinémathèque le 20/02

  • Avant-Première LES BRUITS DE RECIFE à Paris

    Neighbouring Sounds in France on February 26

    Kleber Mendonça Filho's Neighbouring Sounds (Les Bruits de Recife) will be in cinemas in France from 26 February.

  • 'Kelly' de Stéphanie Régnier en sélection à Belfort

    'Kelly' at Entrevue(s) Belfort !

    Kelly will be screened - International Competition - at Entrevue(s) Belfort from November 8 to December 8. More details here.

  • Mundane History à la Clef

    'Mundane History' at La Clef

    Mundane History will be screened at the Cinema La Clef on february 26. The film will be presented by Arnaud Hée (Critikat.com).

  • Mundane History le 16 janvier au cinéma

    Coming soon : Mundane History

    Survivance is proud to distribute Mundane History (Tiger Award at Rotterdam) by Anocha Suwichakorpong in theaters.

  • Giacomo arrive en DVD

    Giacomo on DVD

    Survivance is about to release Summer of Giacomo (Golden Leopard at Locarno, Grand Prize at Jeonju...) on DVD. The DVD will feature, english subtitles, a short film by Alessandro Comodin, extra scenes and a booklet.

  • Nouveau film en production

    New film in production

    David Yon's beautiful first film, Les Oiseaux d'Arabie, is to have a sequel. Survivance is producing Le Songe d'un habitant de D. Discover this project here or in full on the website Dérives.

  • “Black Harvest” en DVD

    “Black Harvest” available on DVD

    A key film of the direct cinema approach, Black Harvest (Grand Prix at the Cinéma du Réel, 1992) by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly will be available on DVD from Survivance from March. It is a film that still and always speaks to us of our times, of the mutation of traditional societies in the face of capitalism.

  • 2 films de Jim McBride en DVD

    2 films by Jim McBride on DVD

    David Holzman's Diary & My Girlfriend's Wedding, a cult diptych film from the 60's by Jim McBride on DVD: get your tickets for a round trip between fiction and documentary (or vice versa). In stores from 4 October.

    All the details on this release

Latest DVD releases

L'Eté de Giacomo

Summer of Giacomo

Alessandro Comodin
Mundane History

Mundane History

Anocha Suwichakornpong
Black Harvest

Black Harvest

Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly

Last production

L'envers du décor

The Other Side of Everything

Mila Turajlic

Ten years following Serbia’s democratic revolution, a look through the keyhole of a locked door in an apartment in Belgrade combines a family memoir with the portrait of a country in turmoil, to reveal a... [+]

Film distribution

Mundane History

Anocha Suwichakornpong

"Anocha has produced a number of daring and delicate films. Her Mundane History left a strange impression on me. I am a big fan." Apichatpong Weerasethakul [+]


Our new film Neighbouring Sounds will be screened on February 3rd at Cinéma du Garde Chasse, Lilas and at Cinéma La Clef on February 11 with Autres Brésils and at Etoile Lilas on February 18.

Our film Kelly has won the Youth Prize at Cinema du Reel !

Kelly de Stéphanie Régnier est en compétition à Entrevue(s), festival de Belfort. Découvrez la belle sélection du festival ici.


De McBride à Joseph Morder
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Weekend at the beach...
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A l'occasion de la sortie en salles du Journal de David Holzman, Jim McBride revient sur son film réalisé il y a près de 45 ans.
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