• Court (En instance), le 11 mai au cinéma

  • La Vallée, bientôt au cinéma

  • Prix Découverte 2015 de la SCAM pour 'Kelly'

    SCAM Discory award 2015 for 'Kelly'

    We are very proud of Stéphanie Régnier who receive the SCAM Discovery award 2015 for her movie Kelly, we coproduced with the Films de la Caravane.

  • 2 films Survivance à Visions du Réel

    2 Survivance movies at Visions of reality

    Suspended by the night, d'Eva Tourrent, in a world premiere and Sons of Barents de David Kremer, in the 'Fresh Eye' section, are selected at Visions of reality festival in Nyon from 17 to 25 april.

  • Gilles Groulx en DVD !

    Gilles Groulx on DVD !

    6 movies of Gilles Groulx - a cult figure of canadian cinema, Pierre Perrault and Michel Brault travelling companion - finally on DVD !

  • Au revoir l'été, nouvelle sortie en salle

    Au revoir l'été, new release on screen

    We are very proud to announce the new release of Au revoir l'été, a luminous and melancholic movie by Kôji Fukada, Gold Montgolfier at Nantes 3 continents.
    Rendez-vous in theathers the 17th of december !

  • Courts métrages de Kleber Mendonça Filho à la Cinémathèque le 20/02

    Kleber Mendonça Filho shorts films at French Cinematheque the 20/02

    February the 20th, at 20h45, in French Cinematheque  (51 Bercy street) a preview of Bruits de Recifea retrospective of Kleber Mendonça Filho shorts films will be made during Pocket Cinema evening. Programs and informations here

  • Avant-Première LES BRUITS DE RECIFE à Paris

    Neighbouring Sounds in France on February 26

    Kleber Mendonça Filho's Neighbouring Sounds (Les Bruits de Recife) will be in cinemas in France from 26 February.

  • 'Kelly' de Stéphanie Régnier en sélection à Belfort

    'Kelly' at Entrevue(s) Belfort !

    Kelly will be screened - International Competition - at Entrevue(s) Belfort from November 8 to December 8. More details here.

  • Mundane History à la Clef

    'Mundane History' at La Clef

    Mundane History will be screened at the Cinema La Clef on february 26. The film will be presented by Arnaud Hée (Critikat.com).

  • Mundane History le 16 janvier au cinéma

    Coming soon : Mundane History

    Survivance is proud to distribute Mundane History (Tiger Award at Rotterdam) by Anocha Suwichakorpong in theaters.

  • Giacomo arrive en DVD

    Giacomo on DVD

    Survivance is about to release Summer of Giacomo (Golden Leopard at Locarno, Grand Prize at Jeonju...) on DVD. The DVD will feature, english subtitles, a short film by Alessandro Comodin, extra scenes and a booklet.

  • Nouveau film en production

    New film in production

    David Yon's beautiful first film, Les Oiseaux d'Arabie, is to have a sequel. Survivance is producing Le Songe d'un habitant de D. Discover this project here or in full on the website Dérives.

  • “Black Harvest” en DVD

    “Black Harvest” available on DVD

    A key film of the direct cinema approach, Black Harvest (Grand Prix at the Cinéma du Réel, 1992) by Robin Anderson and Bob Connolly will be available on DVD from Survivance from March. It is a film that still and always speaks to us of our times, of the mutation of traditional societies in the face of capitalism.

  • 2 films de Jim McBride en DVD

    2 films by Jim McBride on DVD

    David Holzman's Diary & My Girlfriend's Wedding, a cult diptych film from the 60's by Jim McBride on DVD: get your tickets for a round trip between fiction and documentary (or vice versa). In stores from 4 October.

    All the details on this release

Latest DVD releases

Les femmes de mes amis

Like You Know it All

Hong Sang-Soo
Au revoir l'été

Au revoir l'été

Kôji Fukada

Last production

Suspendu à la nuit

Suspended by the night

Eva Tourrent

There is a cable suspended between the machine and the void, between the snow-groomer and the slope, between Guillaume an his thoughts. Every winter night, Guillaume crosses the ski-runs and the mountain to repack... [+]




"A graceful love game" Critikat

In Cinéma on december 17th 2014


We warmly congratulate David Yon, director of The Night and the kid and David Kremer director of Sons of Barents, who win within a few days of each others the Special Jury award at Fronteira Festival for the Night and the kid and Nancy-Lorraine International Festival for Sons of Barents.

Suspended by the night will be screening for the first time in France during the General States of Documentary Film of Lussas ! August the 21th on Tënk selection.

The night and the kid by David Yon will be screening in august the 21th at General States of Documentary Film of Lussas during an workshop around the documentary fable with the movies Loves and Metamorphosis by Yanira Yariv and Arabians nights by Miguel Gomes.


De McBride à Joseph Morder
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Weekend at the beach...
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A l'occasion de la sortie en salles du Journal de David Holzman, Jim McBride revient sur son film réalisé il y a près de 45 ans.
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